Liz Shewan welcomes you to her Studio in Dorset.

Liz offers a range of life changing services all to help you feel clear and strong

from Dorset and Worldwide via VideoSkype.

Services include:

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please understand that there may be delays with shipping during lockdown and as it lifts.

readings and healings are being offered online only at this time.

about me

Liz Shewan, Artist and Energy Healer

Known as both Liz and Elizabeth, everything I do and create is with the sole aim to help you and your animals on your spiritual soul journey.

I am here to help you move from feeling isolated, lost, estranged, fearful or anxious to self reliance. To help you find peace and calm in your life and within yourself. I have a lot of tools in my toolbox to aid in helping you through something - be it during a session or through my art ... what you have up on your walls effects how you feel after all!

Take a good look around and see what your are drawn to, perhaps have found me for a reason.

Any questions please do drop me a line.

soul Work & Psychic


For People and Animals

I work with you and your animals on an energetic level.

This work helps you to make clear effective decisions, enabling and empowering you to rebuild the connections that may have been damaged or even shattered to reconnect your mind, heart and physical body; so that you can allow yourself to be true to who you are in spirit and soul. You will find that areas of physical pain will often be cleared and your energy levels increase enormously.

This work helps your animals to heal - especially dogs, cats and horses although I do work with other species.

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Spiritual Energy

Jewellery Designer

For Men and Women

Lunar Treasures is all about giving you that imperceptible something that cannot be fully explained … a touch of beauty to complement your spirit … that essence to boost your soul Illuminescence. Each piece holds a unique quality that boosts your inner nature.

All pieces are designed and personally handmade by me. Using traditional silver and goldsmithing techniques I use fine silver, sterling silver, gold, copper, white bronze, precious stones, natural forms and drawings inspired by the natural world intuitively with each individual design.

My jewellery range are one of a kind, one-off pieces and occaisonal limited edition collections for people who like to wear something different and distinctive.

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Fine ARt

For Homes and Offices

From the deeply mysterious to the wildlife connection, I have many series exploring being, not doing. Peace, kindness, indulgence in the most important things. Being lost in the moment. Being able to let go.

I have been selling my artwork for over 20 years and during that time explored many genres which will become evident when you look at my work.

I accept commissions.

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